Farewell to all our Karibuni Friends

Karibuni has been running Breakfast, After-School and Holiday Clubs providing OFSTED registered childcare for 3-11s since 2016; first in Hanney and more recently in Grove. During that time we've welcomed 200 children from over 150 families. We've provided just shy of 4000 hours of term-time childcare and, before COVID19, we only ever closed when the schools decided to close due to bad weather. By the time the COVID19 epidemic hit, we had built up numbers to an average of 14 at breakfast and 13 after school - with nearly half of children at Grove school using us at some point. In the school holidays we provided some 2000 hours of holiday childcare and welcomed children from most local schools. We have provided employment opportunities for 6 other people and the schools where we've operated have benefited from over £18000 in fees for letting us operate on their premises.

Those things are all important of course. But most importantly to us is that we have welcomed every child that parents have chosen to leave in our care and always given the best possible care we could. While it's been challenging at times, it has also been a privilege and a pleasure.

We thank the schools that have let us do our thing. That thing is about being rather than doing: childcare based primarily on relationship and community rather than on activities.

We thank the parents who have entrusted us with the care of their children.

But most of all we thank each and every child for being their unique, individual, wonderful selves.

We will miss you. But we are looking forward to settling in to our new home in the new year in Lydney, overlooking the River Severn and enjoying all the Forest of Dean and the River Wye have to offer.

Thank you all for all the fun we've had together. God bless you all.

Ruth & Paul Haynes

Play the video below to share a few of our memories.