Paying for Childcare

Paying for your childcare


Unless you make a last-minute booking, we will email you an invoice to be paid. This will show your Karibuni account number near the top. If you can, please use it as a payment reference. The email also includes a link that lets you view and pay your invoice online. Once you have paid (howeveryou choose to pay), and we have received your payment, the online invoice will be updated to show that it has been paid.

Last-minute bookings from new customers need to be paid for by debit/credit card or cash on or before the sessions booked.

We accept payment by childcare vouchers, tax free childcare accounts, bank transfer, direct debit or debit/credit card. You can pay small amounts by cash too, but we really prefer not to handle the cash needed to cover most invoices.

Paying by Childcare vouchers

Employer childcare voucher schemes are now closed to new members but if you are already in one it is a tax-efficient way to pay. Employees, need to make at least one payment a year to stay in their scheme.

We are registered with the following schemes and can register as a childcare provider with others quickly - just tell us which scheme you want to use.

Please note: Childcare voucher schemes were not designed to accept refunds. We are unable to refund overpayments to the voucher provider, or to you because of the tax benefit you have received. We normally credit overpayments against future bookings. If you no longer need to use Karibuni, for a nominal adminstration fee, we can transfer overpayments to another OFSTED-registered childcare provider willing to receive them..

Searching for us:

You should be able to find or us using one or more of these search terms:

  • Our setting name - Karibuni in Grove
  • Our OFSTED setting number - 2507223
  • The school postcode (OX12 7PW)
  • Our company name - Karibuni Children’s Clubs Ltd
  • Our OFSTED provider number - RP535477
  • Our registered office postcode (OX12 0BX)

Paying by a Tax-Free Childcare Account

If you are working, but not in an employer’s childcare voucher scheme, Tax-Free Childcare Accounts an excellent way to pay. For every £8 you contribute to the account, the Government adds £2 (up to £2000 per child per year). To open an account or to find out whether you qualify, look on

Once you have an account, you can login to your account and search for us as a provider using the details above and transfer money whenever you have a bill to pay.

Please note: Unlike Childcare voucher schemes, Tax-free Childcare Accounts are designed to accept refunds; although we will normally credit overpayments against future bookings. If you no longer need to use Karibuni, we will refund any overpayments to your Tax-free Childcare Account. We cannot refund overpayments directly to you because of the tax benefit you have received.

Paying by Bank Transfer

BACS or "Faster Payment" Internet banking transfers are very welcome because they are fast and cost us nothing! The invoices we send by email contain details of our bank account.

Paying by Debit or Credit Card

The invoice we send by email includes a link that lets you pay online by credit or debit card. You can also pay in person by card at the club. Card payments cost us around 2% in fees - but we know it is convenient for many of you.

Whether you pay by card online or in person, we never see or store your full card number or CVC.

  • When you pay online you payment is processed by Stripe. You can read about Stripe's security and PCI compliance here.
  • When you pay in person, your payment is processed by iZettle. You can read about iZettle's security and PCI compliance here.

Direct Debit

The invoice email we send includes a link that lets you pay set up a direct debit that lets us collect from your bank account: either the total amount of any invoice or a regular monthly payment agreed between us to spread the cost of your childcare throughout the year.

Direct debit payments are processed by GoCardless and you are protected against payments taken in error by the Direct Debit Guarantee. You can find out how GoCardless keeps you payment secure here.

Universal Credit Recipients

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit or other benefits, you could be able to reclaim up to 85% of the cost of childcare (the actual amount depends on your circumstances). You are expected to pay us the full cost and upload the receipt we will send you as evidence of payment. You will need to supply our OFSTED setting registration number, which is 2507223.


We normally send you receipts for invoice payments when we receive them. You may also receive a receipt for the same payment from GoCardless, Stripe, your childcare voucher provider, or your Tax-free childcare account. If you later find you need evidence of payment for a benefit claim, we can provide statements and/or copies of invoices and/or receipts.

If you pay in person by card or cash for a last-minute (uninvoiced) booking and you need a receipt, please ask for one when you pay. We cannot issue receipts retrospectively because we have no record of who made each such payment.