Term-time Bookings

Bookings for Term 1 starting in September 2020 will open at the start of August

Term-time Booking Policy

We only accept bookings for children who have been registered with us. You can register you child here.

We only allocate places for a term at the end of the previous term. We allocate places using these priorities:

  1. Parents whose payments are up-to-date and who are rebooking the same sessions every week in the new term that they had in the previous term.
  2. Parents making new bookings for the same sessions every week in the new term.
  3. Parents rebooking sessions that vary from week to week in the new term.
  4. Parents making new bookings that vary from week to week in the new term.

If we cannot offer you some of the sessions you have requested when we allocate places, we'll contact you straightaway.

Term-time Payment Policy

We will send you an invoice on the first day of term for sessions you have booked before the start of term. Please check the number of sessions charged and tell us within 7 days if you dispute our calculation. You need to pay the invoice mid-way through the term (somewhere between 21 and 28 days at our discretion). If you receive Universal Credit or other benefits and need your invoices to cover a calendar month rather than a whole term please tell us.

If you book sessions after the term starts, we will charge you an administration fee of £1.50 for each booking. You need to pay for these sessions at the time of booking (unless we agree to add them to your existing invoice).

You can find out about the different ways to pay us here.

We will send you a reminder the day before an invoice is due if we have not received payment. It can take up to 7 days for your payment to reach us, depending on how you choose to pay. So, you may receive this reminder even if you have seny a payment.

We are pleased to say we have had very few problems with late payment and non-payment. If you have problems paying, please talk to us so we can agree a realistic payment plan. We will not let you book more sessions if you have not paid your invoice and you fail to agree and follow a payment plan with us. If necessary, we may make a court claim for the money owed to us including court costs and any interest and compensation to which we are entitled.