Term-time Bookings

Term 2

Term 2 runs from Monday 2 November to Friday 18 December. We are open as usual for parents who need childcare because it is reasonably necessary to enable them to work, or for the purposes of respite care.

Booking Policy (Term-Time)

We only accept bookings for children who have been registered with us. You can find a registration from here.

We normally allocate places for a term at the end of the previous term. We allocate places using these priorities:

  1. Parents whose payments are up-to-date and who are rebooking the same sessions every week in the new term that they had in the previous term.

  2. Parents making new bookings for the same sessions every week in the new term.

  3. Parents rebooking sessions that vary from week to week in the new term.

  4. Parents making new bookings that vary from week to week in the new term.

If we cannot offer you some of the sessions you have requested when we allocate places, we'll contact you straightaway.

Terms & Conditions (Term-Time)

A confirmed booking is a contract between you and Karibuni Children’s Clubs Limited for the provision of childcare subject to these terms and conditions.


We only accept bookings for children who have been registered using our registration form. You can register with no obligation on you to book any sessions or on us to accept bookings for specific dates. You must review and update your registration details at the start of each school year.


Advance Bookings are bookings from existing customers made before the start of term, and first ever bookings by new customers made any time, for a regular or fairly regular pattern of sessions during a term. An advance booking guarantees your child’s place for the sessions booked and priority in booking for the following term once you have paid for the current term. We will confirm acceptance of your advance booking by sending you an invoice which you must pay within 21 days of the start of term (unless we have agreed other payment terms with you), even if you subsequently change your mind.


Ad-hoc bookings are bookings for odd days, generally made after the term has started. Ad-hoc bookings need to be paid for immediately on receipt of an invoice. If we do not receive payment before a booked session we may refuse to accept your child until payment is received.

Note: We normally accept ad-hoc bookings from any parent during the term. However, because of our COVID-19 protective measures, we are currently unlikely to take ad-hoc bookings from parents unless they have made an advance booking for the term.


We accept payment by bank transfer, childcare vouchers, tax-free childcare accounts, debit or credit cards and cash. We can also set up a Direct Debit plan if you prefer to pay automatically - either in full or through a regular monthly payment plan. If you receive Universal Credit or other benefits we may agree to invoice you monthly if it helps with making your claims. If you have problems paying, please talk to us so we can agree a realistic payment plan. We will not let you book more sessions if you owe us money and you fail to agree and follow a payment plan with us. As a last resort we will make a court claim for money owed to us including all court costs and interest and compensation to which we are entitled under law.

Note: You can find more details about the different ways to pay us here. We will send you a reminder the day before an invoice is due if we have not received payment. It can take up to 7 days for your payment to reach us, depending on how you choose to pay. So, you may receive this reminder even if you have seny a payment.


If for any reason, including but not limited to illness or the need for your household to self-isolate because of COVID-19, your child is unable to attend a booked session that runs we will not refund or credit you for the cost of the session. If we let you change dates, that is entirely at our discretion and will incur an administration fee. If we are unable to run a session because the school is closed or we are required to close to comply with Government COVID-19 guidance or in other exceptional circumstances, we will issue a credit or refund for session costs. This is the limit of our liability.


Breakfast Club: From 7.30am until start of school. Cost £5.50. Note: because of the school's current morning drop-off arrangements CHILDREN MUST ARRIVE BEFORE THE WILLOW GATE IS CLOSED BY THE SCHOOL TO MANAGE DROP-OFF. We expect this to be at around 8.15am.

After School Club: From end of school until 6.00pm. Cost £12.50

Late Collection: If you are more than 5 minutes late collecting your child in the afternoon we will charge you an extra £10 unless there are circumstances that we agree are exceptional and you tell us before the end of the session that you will be late.

Administration Fee: We will charge you an additional £1.50 for each ad-hoc booking or change to an existing booking. This is charged per booking or booking change (not per child or per session).

Late Payment: We will charge you a £10 administration fee if you do not pay an invoice on time or if you fail to follow an agreed payment plan.


If your child is not well enough to attend school, they are not well enough to attend the club. If children attend who are unwell, or become unwell, or exhibit recognised symptoms of COVID-19 we will ask you to collect them straight away.


If your child’s behaviour is disruptive to the club, we will discuss this with you and how we can address behaviour issues together. However, persistent inappropriate behaviour may result in temporary exclusion or loss of a place at the club.


Breakfast is provided at Breakfast Club for children arriving before 8.15am. A light healthy tea is provided at After-School Club. We cater for most allergies but you may need to provide a snack for some dietary requirements.


If you have a concern or complaint about the quality of our childcare, please talk to the manager or follow the complaints procedure which you can find on our noticeboard and on our website.


We agree to adhere to Government COVID-19 guidance applicable to childcare settings. Our staff agree to adhere to Government COVID-19 guidance for households. You agree to adhere to Government COVID-19 guidance for households and parents. You agree to tell us promptly if you or any member of your household is required to self-isolate becasue of COVID-19.