Summer's Coming

We open again from Monday 27 July onwards, offering all-day childcare throughout the summer holiday for children aged 3-11 from any school or pre-school in Wantage, Grove and nearby villages.

We are now taking bookings here.

Updated 8 July 2020

Temporary Closure

We are closed from Friday 3 April until further notice because of COVID-19.

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1 April 2020


From Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice we are only accepting term-time and holiday bookings for children entitled to attend school (or pre-school) because of a parent's occupation or because they are from vulnerable families.

If your children are at a local school other than Grove CE Primary school that is currently unable to provide breakfast or after school care we may be able to help. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. We have always accepted holiday bookings for children at any local school.

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23 March 2020

Easter Opening

We are open in Grove for the first week of the Easter holidays from Monday 6 April to Thursday 9 April. That's the week before Easter. We welcome children aged 3-11 who attend any local school or pre-school or are home-schooled.

We're hoping the weather will be kind to us so we can enjoy some outdoor fun in the sunshine; on site and around and about Grove. There will be the usual choice of indoor and outdoor toys and games, with some movies in the afternoons. This holiday we'll also be playing some team games (some sensible, some silly), there will be Easter and Spring-time crafts, and we'll round off the week with an Easter egg hunt.

The cost is £36 for a full day from 8.30am to 6pm. If you just want your children to join us for a morning it's £18 up to 12.30pm. If you want them to join us at noon for the afternoon it's £24. Whichever option you choose, a cooked lunch is included in the price - but children can bring a packed lunch if you prefer.

You can book here. You will need to register if your child has not been with us before.

A Wet and Windy Half Term

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February 2020 saw storms Ciara and Dennis rampaging across the country. And while we missed the worst of them, the half term week in Grove was certainly wet and windy. Even so we had plenty of fun, both indoors and outdoors. On average there were 13 children with us in the mornings and 12 in the afternoons. As well as seven children from our own school, we welcomed three from East Challow, five from Charlton, five from Millbrook, four from Hanney and one from St Amand's in Hendred. Children who have been with us before quickly renew old friendships and although it sometimes it takes a while, new children soon find others that they get on with.


Three of the girls made chocolate brownies in the morning. We all enjoyed these for pudding after our lunch of sweet-and-sour chicken. We burned off some of the calories in the afternoon with a walk to the park.


Rusty, the cat who treats the school is his own personal playground, was seen riding one of our trikes. When chased off, he found somewhere new to sleep under the one of the school's new table tennis tables. We painted some stones to leave in the woods (but never did). After a hearty lunch of sausage, mash and peas, we headed off to the woods. The children spent a good hour splashing in the old canal and building and destroying dams across the stream. After we had got back, peeled off the muddy layers, and had snack, the children chose to play big-screen Mario-Kart.


We did some printing with shapes and some teasles we brought back from the woods on Tuesday. There was plenty of outdoor fun between the showers, while indoors there was some ambitious and creative use of construction straws. Lunch was a choice of tuna-pasta bake or pasta and meatballs, with peaches and custard to follow. In the afternoon Samuel and Esme undertook our robot maze challenge. It took them just over an hour to programme the robot to complete the maze. With one five-second penalty for touching the lines they managed to get through the maze in 2 minutes 44 seconds. We rounded off the day by watching Chicken Run together.


We were painting plates with 3D paint and making schunchies in the morning. After a lunch of jacket potatoes followed by apple crumble, in the afternoon the children chose to watch How To Train Your Dragon. The weather brightened up after that and "police" were needed to direct the vehicles safely around the playground.


The weather was kinder to us today and the children played outside for most of the day, though there was some nifty origami box making. After morning snack we gathered around a fire-pit to toast marshmallows and toast. Dan, Ada and Isobel had a go at the Robot Maze challenge. It took them well over an hour and a half to programme the robot - that may seem slow but it was great concentration. As they chose the same route through the maze it was no surprise that the time to complete the maze was the same. And as they also had one penalty for crossing the black line. Not a green vegetable in sight with pizza and chips for lunch and cheesecake for pudding. The week ended with another afternoon of mostly outdoor play.

If you want to join us during the Easter Holidays, we're open from Monday to Thursday in the week before Easter. You can book on-line here.

24 February 2020